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The days of managing rentals from an office are no more. Our hosts are your guest and homes caretaker...they ensure both are happy.

Pre-arrival concierge offerings, arrival inspection of the home, check-in the morning after arrival, and available when the guest requires. The host is here to ensure your guests always have a 5 star experience.


Utilize technology that makes the home visible  no matter where you are in the world. 


 Manage your guests, vendors and is your conduit to the home. 


Each rental has its own personality. We identify it, build it, then market to that guest.

Advantages of the ONERüF Vacation Rental Process

Guest Experience

  • Automate guest arrival - heat, lights, music.
  • A real local host when your guests need them.
  • Remove technology barriers by using voice activated Alexa products.
  • Virtual Concierge using Alexa - Enables guests to ask for information about the property and special experiences in the area.
  • Provide expert local knowledge about your property and area with an interactive conversation... Just like a real concierge.


  •  Completely customizable concierge content.
  • Multi property management
  • Available with Amazon Alexa.


  • Perform time-sensitive, pre-arrival tasks automatically (thermostat, lights, door lock).
  • Property is only heated/cooled when needed.
  • Automated, calendar-driven management.
  • Ability to control temperature, lighting, access control, video management, and others.
  • Reduce operational costs.

Piece of Mind

  •  Notification that your property is setup for arrival
  • Water leak and Wi-Fi network outage alerts
  • Notification when guest arrive

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