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Innovating the Vacation Rental market one Luxury Rental at a time 

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Innovative Rental Technology

Smart home tech coupled with proprietary software creates cost savings 

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Innovative Local Rental Hosting

 Document, communicate, followup...your local host is your eyes and ears

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Innovative Rental Marketing

Each rental has its own personality. We identify it, build it, then market to that guest.

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Don't take our word for it...


Vacation Rental Hosting using the advantages of technology coupled with professional local hosts to ensure your Vacation Home is maintained like new.

Pre-arrival concierge offerings, arrival inspection of the home, check-in the morning after arrival, and available when the guest requires. The host is here to ensure your guests always have a 5 star experience.

Advantages of ONERüF Vacation Rental Hosting


Guest Xperience designed for 5 Star ratings

  • Concierge services: pantry delivery, private chefs, boat rental, ski rental, lift tickets, tickets to events, and much much more.  Our goal is to provide each guest the true tahoeXperience.com 
  • ONERüF Local Host Inspects the Home prior to guest arrival to ensure clean, organized, and ready for guest arrival - documented electronic visit.
  • Cleaning vendors are required to clean and set the home to Standard Operating Procedures demonstrated through our proprietary online cleaning checksheet which includes before and after photos.
  • Owners help to design the setting procedures/standards of their home...the days of finding your home not set like you left it are over. 
  • Improve guest experience with the addition of Smart Vacation Rental Technology - Alexa, smart thermostats, smart lights, smart TV's , charging stations, electronic locks, network monitoring systems, water sensors, and much more.  See Smart Home Technology section above.

Efficiency that allows reduced owner fees

  • Our technology solutions allow us to perform better than archaic Property Management organizations that rely heavily on payroll and human error to manage your asset.
  • We use technology at every touch point to capture data on the home - each clean requires at minimum 25 pictures, each inspection requires at minimum 25 pictures.  Workorders requires before and after photos. This means after each guest we have documented the condition of the home in significant detail.  
  • Perform time-sensitive, pre-arrival tasks automatically (thermostat, lights, door lock, lock codes).
  • Property is only heated/cooled when needed.  Codes to the front door are only active during the guests stay. 
  • Automated dispatching based on information provided by the Smart Home system, i.e., water flow during a period the home is unoccupied.  
  • All of this leads to a significant reduction in the cost of rental hosting for your home as compared to the labor heavy property management organizations and improves the overall performance of the vendors assigned to the property upkeep.
  • Further, due to our documentation we are in a better position to bill the guest for damages caused or other maintenance issues such as stained carpets, etc. 

Piece of mind

  • You want to know that your asset is protected, that guests are vetted properly, and that you are maximizing your return on investment.
  • We want the property to be well maintained and cleaned for each guest which ends in 5 star reviews that drive further revenue growth.
  • Having a Local Hosting company that has the same interest as the owner: protect the asset and maximize your return on investment while reducing wasteful office labor by using technology to perform repetitive tasks.  

ONERüF Vacation Rental Hosting is quite simply the most innovative Vacation Rental organization you will find in the area - why does this matter?  Our use of technology allows us to be more efficient which leads to fees that are significantly lower. Contact us today to learn more and let 's discuss your rental needs.