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Home Inspections

Our inspectors are the eyes and ears of our properties.  This position is there to ensure the property is staged to the owners specs, everything is working, no damage form previous guests, and is ready for guest arrival.  

Concierge for guests

Many of our guests select pre-arrival setup to their list of things they want.  We provide grocery shopping services, libation delivery, rental equipment appointment setup, lift ticket purchasing, and other such requests.  

Inquiries/post stay

Our full service hosts are not just there to ensure a quality property but also to answer questions from potential guests as well as handle issues that might arise while at the property.  Your job as the host is a 5-star guest experience.  

The Host

Within our system the Vacation Rental Host is the single most important function.  This person collects data on the properties by completing assigned inspections.  This ensures the property is well maintained, communicates maintenance, and inventory needs to owners via our VR system, and supports the guests needs before, during, and after their stay.  The Host ensures no damage or missing items post guest stay and provides information to the virtual host regarding damage, lost and found, or other guest related issues.  

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Per Inspection

Each property has different staging needs and operational expectations based on how we have designed it the home.  The average inspection fee paid to the host of $40.

Time on site

Each unit has its expected inspection time.  This may be impacted by cleaning issues, maintenance items, or other unforeseen challenges.  Typically 1 hr on site.


Each guest has a different expectation and therefore some require more time than others.  Concierge requests are paid by the guest...other time is paid by ONERüF at $25/hr

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This position is highly compensated. Applicants should have skills within guest experience, home management, as 

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