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Vacation rental consulting

Vacation rental staging, vacation rental consulting

Do not underestimate the power of staging

Have you ever walked into a 5-star hotel room and found things out of place or missing?  Not likely. Your ONERüF Host is here to place the final touches on the home prior to your guests arrival.  The difference between a good start to a vacation  or a great ONERüF Hosting Services.

World class guest experience

Great experiences equal free social advertising for your rental.  The right towels, the right linens, the right duvet, throw blankets in your living room, beach towels for the hot tub (or beach), and several other pages of things to consider.  How about arriving to a stocked kitchen, private chef, in rental massage, or some outlandish idea your guest has.  When it comes to your guests...don't cut corners.

Smart home property monitoring and hosting

Property Managers use labor to manage your rental property...which is why they have to charge 30-40% of nightly income. With ONERüF's Smart Vacation Rental package you can rest easy that your home is being monitored, guests are having a great time, and your assigned host is maintaining your home to your expectations.  If your guests do need physical support we are right here.  

Financial support and mangement

In all likelihood you purchased your rental with the goal of it paying for itself.  There are various ways of attaining this goal and while you don't need to be an expert to know do need an expert to help. Is your property setup as an LLC?  Already an LLC but need to develop financial reporting?  Let our experts review your financials and identify opportunities for both revenue growth as well as expense elimination.    

Expense management

In order to run a profitable vacation rental business it's important that all expenses are reviewed to ensure the cost was an investment into guest comfort and experience or if it was wasteful spending.  What you might consider necessary we consider alternate solutions that save money.  Further, through our hosting services we are able to shift mainteannce expenses from your expense lines to that of the guest(s) that cause the issue.  

Next Gen Marketing

You have competition...lots of it!  So the main question you have to ask is, what is the personality of my rental property, who is my target guest, and is the home staged for that specific audience?  If you aren't sure or the answer is no we should talk.  There is a likelihood that we can help drive more revenue and protect your asset better, oh and did we mention that we do this cheaper than the competition (and better). Expert Vacation rental consulting to ensure your success.  We are also airbnb experts...proper setup of your home to proper listing setup.  We are your go to.  

Financial management

vacation rental financial management, vacation rental hosting, vacation rental property management

Whether reviewing your P&L or getting your rental setup as an LLC,  we can navigate the challenges of protecting your investment and working towards profitability. Link:  Here.   

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Smart Rental

Vacation Rental Consulting, vacation rental smart home technology

How can a smart home save you money and enhance your guests experience at the same time?  Guests have demonstrated they love access to technology in rentals.  We can help.

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Staging and inventory

Vacation Rental staging, vacation rental consulting, vacation rental property management

Staging is one aspect and the second is what to stage.  We have worked in the industry for years and understand what wears well, what doesn't, and what should be avoided.  We can help. 

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Vacation rental amenities

From the quality of your towels to the quality of linens to the quality of the hotel like amenities you offer...these things matter.  We can help select the right quality items.  

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Expense management


Many ways to reduce rental expenses.  Over the years we have identified many easy items that can enhance guest experience while reducing your expenses allowing more profit.

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Vacation rental marketing, vacation rental property management

Simply restaging your Vacation rental  can make a major difference in marketing.  Many rental units we see are poorly staged and this results in poor photo marketing.

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Reduce your management fees