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What is the most important thing to know about owning a Vacation Rental?

Vacation rental management is in the midst of a revolution.  Software solutions popping up claiming to be the end all be all solution to Vacation Renting from 2,000 miles away.  Seems like daily there is a new marketing platform claiming to dominate the competition due to some amazing breakthrough in data analysis.  What every one of these platforms, software solutions, and tech entrepreneurs is missing is the feel of the rental, the amenities, the design, and the staging are what matters to a guest.  The guest doesn't care how you manage to keep the property in great condition, or how you provide amazing amenities to each guest or even how you designed it with the little touches that make a big difference. They care that they came to an amazing location and had an amazing Xperience in your vacation rental.  

So what we do is utilize our technology to reduce your costs and ours and provide that amazing place, with amazing amenities, that is designed well, and that the guest is going to rate a 5 star every single time.  Anything less just isn't worth your time or ours!  We are Managers of Vacation rentals but we really fancy ourselves as the designers of amazing vacation Xperiences!

The ONERüF Experience

Guest Management

Vacation Rental Hosting Services

From guest inquiry, to booked vacation, to pre-arrival services, to adventure planning, to arrival of the guest, amazing vacation, and returning home.  We handle all aspects of the guest experience in your vacation rental.

Hosting services

Incline Village Vacation Rental Management

Your guests love your rental, now let's get them to love Tahoe so that they return year after year.  Grocery delivery, private chef, massage therapy, guided hikes, boat rental, kayaks, jet skis, and much more.  

Pre Arrival Inspection

Incline Village Vacation Rental Management

Ensuring the property is ready for the guest is much more than cleaning.  Is the home working?  Heat, lights, TV's, propane, coffee bar, and 50 other touch points all captured in our proprietary electronic checksheet.

Professional Rental Cleaning

Vacation rental cleaning services

Professional cleaning & staging services for your rental.  We utilize technology to ensure our cleaning teams execute at a consistent level to ensure guest satisfaction.  

Maintenance Services

Vacation rental management

Professional Maintenance services from our vetted vendors.  Weather you need a deck sanded and stained or there is a problem during a guest stay...its covered.

Guest Followup

lake tahoe Vacation rental management

We are always striving for improvement.  Our hosts check-in with the guests multiple times during their stay to ensure everything was  a 5 star rating.

Weather you are working with a Property Manager or Managing yourself we can help you maximize your rental nights, decrease costs, and improve guest satisfaction.  Are you ready to make a change and get your rental investment paying for iteself? 

Software as a Service

ONERüF relies heavily on technology to improve efficiency.  Each of our vendors utilizes our software anytime they interact with your property.   Cleaning checksheets, departure inspection forms, arrival inspection forms, and workorders.  All have picture requirements and can be shared directly with you when 

they are completed.  Our goal is to make your rental ownership transparent.