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Intelligent Vacation Rental

ONERüF is revolutionizing how vacation rentals operate.  Using Vacation Rental Smart Home technology solutions coupled with our proprietary systems solutions allows us to monitor key items in the home remotely and dispatch support through our local hosts as necessary.

We can develop monitoring for heat/air, security, occupancy, lights, locked doors, motion via exterior cameras, water sensors, and a host of other items...all connected to your local host.  


High Quality Internet

Vacation rental internet service

We start by reviewing the quality of your internet; the bandwidth, reach within the home, and quality of the router.  We will make recommendations that enhance guest experience in the home.  

Alexa is connected

Amazon Alexa vacation rental hosting

Alexa is a great guest enhancement tool while also a great tool for managing the rental units systems.  From turning on lights, to turning the heat up, to locking the front door.  Oh and she entertains as well.  

Smart Thermostat(s)

Vacation rental smart thermostat

If you are still using dumb thermostats you are costing yourself 15-20% more for your power consumption than you need to be.  Imagine...guest leaves: thermostat to 50 automatically.

Smart locks

Electronic door locks

Electronic door locks aren't just novelty for rentals...they are necessary.  Lock the door from anywhere (including from Alexa).  Create temporary guest codes good for their stay only.  Provide vendors with a specific code so that you know who has been there and when.  

Smart Cameras

Vacation rental cameras

Imagine having a camera covering your property from the exterior.  Motion activated...in Tahoe that could mean a bear just accessed the home.  We would know about it instantaneously.  Guests say 6 staying in home...turns out its 12 guests.  

Smart Sensors

Smart water sensors

Connected smoke detectors, connected CO2 detectors, connected water sensors, connected appliance sensors, connected water heater management, and more.  The goal is to create a vacation rental smart home monitoring system supported by ONERüF Hosting Services.  

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